John A. McGuire


John A. McGuire 课题组介绍


John A. McGuire,副教授 Associate Professor


2018 – present, Associate Professor, ShanghaiTech University, School of Physical Science and Technology

2009 – 2017    Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, Department of Physics and Astronomy

2006 – 2009     Postdoctoral Research Associate, Physical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy Group (Advisor: Victor I. Klimov)

2005              Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Materials Sciences Division (Advisor: Yuen-Ron Shen)

2004              Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, Department of Physics (Advisor: Yuen-Ron Shen)

1992     B.S. Stanford University, Physics and Biological Sciences


  • 凝聚态非平衡性质与动力学

    Nonequilibrium properties and dynamics of condensed phase systems

  • 低维材料(例如半导体纳米晶体量子点,分层材料)的光学性质

    Optical properties of low-dimensional materials (e.g., semiconductor nanocrystals and quantum dots, layered materials)

  • 自旋动力学

    Spin dynamics

  • 界面动力学(例如水表面的氢键网络)

    Interfacial dynamics (e.g., the hydrogen bond network at water surfaces)


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